What we offer

With multi-color, high resolution and high adhesive features, heat transfer printing is now an important surface decoration method to various industries such as stationery, plastic household, cosmetic case, pharmaceutical case, construction (plastic materials or metal decoration), plastic pail, electric application, etc.
Join Decal can manufacture Heat Transfer Film with various effects, Ordinary printing, Matt printing, Pearly printing, Laser and Hologram printing, Metallic Silver & Gold printing, etc and applied to abundant material substrates including Plastic (PP, ABS, AS, PS, PC, PE, PVC, etc), Glass, Metal, Wood, Bamboo, Leather.
Our Heat Transfer Film helps our customers’ marketing strategy to promote and attract the end user’s attention towards the finished products.

Writing & Stationery Products
Tailored designs of the customers for Writing & Stationery industry are mostly using Heat Transfer films to attract the artworks of the surface of the products.
Pen, Marker, Glue Stick, Pencil, etc are main items in this industry using heat.

Plastic Housewares and Food Containers Products

Heat Transfer and In-mould label methods are being used widely in various sectors, especially in plastic moulded items such as home appliances and house hold products.

With In-mould labels, plastic moulded items are to be labeled at the same time while they are being moulded, so that you can raise production efficiency and cut down its cost. Our Metalised & Holographic In-mould labels are highly recommended for plastic serving items.

Battery Container Products

For keeping the efficiency of the battery container, the Heat Transfer Film should be stable during charging, heat stability, adhesion strength and resistant to detergent/alkali. The Heat Transfer Films of Join Decal are most suitable to adapt such conditions.

Pharmacy & Cosmetic Products

Join Decal manufacture various type of films suitable for Pharmacy & Cosmetic industries with no harmful to the body.

Plastic Pail Heat Transfer Printing Film

This heat transfer film attracts the end-user’s attention for a long time due to its durability, ….

Vehicle Number Plate Products

Together with Hologram mark, Join Decal produces vehicle number plate to make the plate more clean and clear.

Heat transfer printing

The heat transfer printing film is applicable for plastic containers and material including Acrylic, ABS, PVC, PET, and other. More kinds of color and patterns can be easily finished. .

Strength of Join Decal Products :

  • Sweat Resistance 

  • Durability of abrasion

  • Chemical resistance

  • Foil for Steel/HDPE Containers and glass.

  • Join Decal has developed HTL Foils for HDPE Containers, Steel and Glass products. The foils have to be strong and resist starch, scrub and other physical and chemical abuse at customers end.