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we provide oem/odm services to get actual images for security or branding to make popular & unique identity of customers product in the market. We serve with end to end 100% satisfactory products.

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From designing to end printing all services at one stop.

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From tailor made/customized DESIGNING as per customers desires through a professional team of our designers to electronic laser cylinders for accurate details of patterns.

Coating process to printing process with auto registration machine to metalizing and adhesive.

Rewinding and slitting from master/jumbo rolls to small or customized packing as per requirements.

Each roll and put in box packing for forwarding.

Quality Policy


##To meet expectations of all our customers by ensuring timely supplies of quality products consistently

##To adhere to the required specifications and delivery schedules that will reward us with customer loyalty while we strive to sustain and progressively improve our image

##To achieve economic scale in manufacturing through progressive upgradation of technology & resource planning

##To extend creative support to customers where desired; in order to enhance marketability of products

Thermal(Heat) transfer processing (stamping) is a special kind of printing process, although its working principle is simple, the pressure using silicon rubber rolls will spend on the membranes of the graphic by heating transfer to the substrate. However, in the concrete practice of production, to improve the quality of the products and efficiency, needs to note the followings:

BASIC NOTES : Keep the substrates dry, clean, grease-free and, transfer the artworks under the condition of ;

  • Temperature : 150~200 ° C
  • Speed : 0.4~1.0sec/pcs
  • Pressure: 20~30kg/cm²

** Basic conditions are adjustable according to the materials of the substrates

  1. Clean working environment is required for high quality production.

(1) Make sure the operating machines are clean, not stained with dust, debris, oil or dirt;

(2) To keep clean to spend the heat transfer printing films, should not be infected with smeary, fingerprints, dust, etc.;

(3) To keep the glue head clean, should not have dirt, glue adhesive on it;

(4) The operator’s hand to be kept clean, should not have the sweat, smeary stick to spent membrane or be hot;

(5) To keep stay printed items clean, should not have dust, fingerprints, grease, etc.;

2.This hot stamping temperature:

Hot stamping temperature according to the hot stamping equipment, hot printing film, hot stamping, and hot stamping area temperatures of different and different, do not blindly pursue the higher the temperature of the hot stamping or (the lower the better), should be in after the stamping as a benchmark to determine the effect of hot stamping temperature, general stamping temperature between 170 ℃ to 240 ℃.

Type of Carrier film: High quality PET film (thickness: 16, 19. 23, 25, 40 micron) Glossy, MATT, Semi-MATT, Metallic, Hologram.

Product Size : Single pattern (W)640mm & (L) 420~600mm, Continuous pattern (W) 640mm & (L)120M

Supplying type: Roll on 1~3” core or sheet